About Get2

Get2 is a web-project of Bitsmith IT that provides custom URL shortening and profit from advertisements. This service lets you register profiles with each a target URL to appear on an intro page with some advertisements at a custom made web-address. See the demo page at these beautiful addresses: demo.get2.gq and get2.gq/demo

The Profit

An ad network will reward you for clicks on the advertisements and on your link, which will also open an advertisement in addition to your target URL. For example you can create profit generating Get2 pages for your social media presences like Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram and Twitter. - Anything on the net, really! Ever share something via dropbox or other file sharing services? - Put the link to the download on a Get2 page and score some cash for your content! Ever share links on a social network? - Of course you do. - All the time, probably. But if you put the links on Get2 pages and then share them, you can earn profit from the clicks.

The Custom URLs

The addresses of your Get2 pages are custom made, by you! This is great for URL shortening. Where applicable, Get2 pages can even be addressed as sub-domains (like demo.get2.gq). The sub-domain feature also supports 'International Domain Names' with exotic characters in them.

The Control

You get the option to modify the profile that you create, if you provide a password and/or E-mail address. Profile access codes are stored securely with the newest award winning hashing technology. They are kept so secret, we don't even know what they are!